All of our buildings are built on at least a 3’x 8” foundation wall with 8”x 16” footings. A 4” floor is then poured inside your walls with rebar 2’ on center. Framed out of 2”x 6” hem fir wood -2’ on center throughout. All sheeting and trims are a 29 gauge “tough rib” delta rib panel and come with a 25 year warranty against the paint fading or peeling. We’re attaching it all with 1-1/2” screws that are actually screwed in to the 2 x 6 structure not just into wafferboard. That’s why our screws don’t back out from vibrating winds! Take a look there is a screw at least every nine inches down every board. Tri-County Building Complete steel liner packages are available for the ultimate interior covering, bright white, with zero maintenance and the ability to power wash clean. A professionally certified and engineered frame work and truss system form a sturdy, strong, long lasting backbone for your building. All frame and truss designs are stamped, certified, and meet or exceed necessary loading requirements. 2 x 6 roof purlins between trusses create one of the strongest roof systems available. Purlins act as truss bridging, thus endwall wind load is transmitted throughout the entire roof system. Each purlin is fastened to the truss with a strong metal pocket. All of our doors and windows are completely trimmed out in steel, no painting, no exposed wood on the exterior... Zero maintenance!!! Many options are available for your building converting it from a quality shell to a completely finished building ready to Tri-County Building move into. Blown or Batted insulation options, Flat or Vaulted Ceilings, Electrical Wiring, Drains, Bathroom Plumbing, Heating, Door Protector Posts, Aprons, Overhead doors, Floor Sealants, Second Floors, Tack Rooms to start. Let your idea be your blueprint. Transparent, see through panels are a popular method for allowing additional light into your building. These clear panels are usually located in the sidewall and can be used wherever necessary to allow in as much light as you require. Our unique notched concrete foundation wall, complete with base trim, eliminates rodent invasions, and gives excellent exterior water shedding capabilities eliminating corrosion and damage to the structure of your building.